What is Maria´s Joy?

Maria`s Joy is a charity created in 2018. We are a team of volunteers who try to carry joy to the poor by facilitating access to drinkable water and helping children who live in extreme poverty due to social exclusion caused by the caste system.

Everything started in June 2015. Fr KIran Kumar who lives and works for the poor, took us to kornepadu, Andhrapradesh, India. There lived 300 families from the fourth caste in misery without drinkable water. We planned then to build a water plant there although we did not know how. Through the generosity of some friends, Luz and Beltrán, it was made possible.

Since then, we have collaborated in the construction of ten more water plants and also set up a school in Andhrapradesh. We will continue working to facilitate access to drinkable water and provide education with a meal per day to children from the fourth cast.

100% of donations go straight to our projects.